Aadil Bedi bets big on his driver: Junior Equipment Watch

Young Aadil Bedi is among golf's most prolific achievers: how does he do it and with what equipment?

Aadil Bedi on golfingindian.com

Young Aadil Bedi is among golf’s most prolific achievers. He travels the world winning junior tournaments and being an ambassador for Indian talent. Here he reflects on what equipment takes his game places.

Q: What Driver do you use and why?

A: I use Mizuno JPX 850 Driver with Tour AD DI-75s stiff Shaft. This has got special feature that I  can adjust my loft from 9° to 12° with draw and face weight adjustment. I carry 275 yards  with almost 85% fairways hit with this driver. I believe that accuracy is more important in golf than power. This driver maintains power but not at the cost of accuracy.

Q: What Golf ball do you prefer and why?

I play with Mizuno JPE DE 4 piece ball. It gets me the distance with driver and a lot of back spin on the greens, particularly soft greens. Control over small chip and pitch is very nice. You just need to pick right spot to drop the ball on the green.

Q: What are your favourite accessories?

The Laser that I use for my Putter head alignment is my favourite accessory. I use it  as a training aid at home. Wearing white hand Glove and White shoes are the next best things.

Q: What is your favourite shot and why?

My favourite sand wedge saves most of my pars around the green. I practice with it so much  that I always buy   a pair. I love to flop, skid, low spin and roll  my sand wedge. My aim is to able to craft any type of shot around the green to shoot low scores.



a)   While selecting the equipment  one should keep in mind player height, athletic ability, speed of body and swing etc. Equipment should be personalised to the player’s needs.

b)   You can buy any brand. Every brand offers different sets of shafts, which is main component to decide driver/ wood/ hybrid, according to torque, strength and material in use. Consultation with your coach is very important.

c)    Club head weight and shape of irons are another important parameter. It is purely personal and depends on feel factor of the player. I play with MP-15 semi blade irons with true temper stiff
shaft Dynamic golf S300 weight 130 gm.

d)   For selecting the Putter, grip size and putter head weight plays important role. I keep two putter of MIZUNO MP A-306, with Plumber Neck. One putter I keep standard weight for light greens and on
another  I  have attached 25 gm weight for medium and slow greens.

e)   Around the green play is very important to shoot low scores. Shaft weight plays a very important part as this game is purely feel based. I keep 4 wedges, make Mizuno MP-T5  Black IP 48°, 52°, 56° and 60° with DG Spinner Wedge Stiff Shaft weight 125 gm. I keep 10° bounce angle for all the wedges.

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