Anirban Lahiri @ The Masters – Major tournaments bring the best out of me

Anirban in an exclusive conversation with Golfing Indian inside the clubhouse at the Augusta National Golf Club

Anirban Lahiri @ The Masters

Anirban Lahiri is eager to do well at The Masters this week. He reached Augusta on Saturday looking to prepare for the first major of the season. His rookie run on the PGA TOUR has been a mixed bag, with some great rounds followed by a disappointing outing. The Masters presents an opportunity to fix that and Lahiri is only too aware of the opportunity at hand.

“I am feeling very calm and confident,” said Anirban in an exclusive conversation with Golfing Indian inside the clubhouse at the Augusta National Golf Club. “The second time is certainly much easier compared to the first.”

“I am better off for my experience last year,” added Anirban. “I have a fair idea of the right places to play on the fairways and greens around here. That will help when I start on Thursday. But in Augusta it is so much more important to avoid the wrong places, far less than it is to find the right spots.”

“I am far more comfortable on these courses, where the architecture is far more definitive. I find it difficult when the course is open and there are multiple places to play at. In Augusta the course is very demanding and accuracy is essential, so I like that,” said Anirban, explaining the reasons for his comfort.

I asked about the inconsistency that has been marring him this season. “Yeah, it is a problem right now and I am working to fix it. It is mostly a mind issue, even though I am playing well, I need to find a way to focus in the moment,” explained the world No. 50.

Anirban owns a good draw and he agreed that is something that works in his favour on a course where there are several that go right to left. “That is useful,” he admitted, “but the short game needs to be sharp this week. Chipping and putting are essential to success at August.”

Anirban has shown to be a player for the occasion, underlining the fact that he loves the big stages of the game. “You need not search for motivation, for one and this is the reason we play golf,” said Anirban, who is confident of a good run this week.

Hero Presents MastersVijay Divecha is traveling to Augusta this week and will be walking the course with Ipsa Lahiri, Anirban’s wife. Lahiri is also planning to take a couple of weeks off after the Masters and work with Vijay at Palm Beach, Florida where he recently bought a home.

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