Caddies Welfare Trust Golf Tournament at Delhi Golf Club

Shubham Jaglan won CWT Golf tournament a fund raising event organized by Caddies Welfare Trust at Delhi Golf Club on Friday, February 17, 2017.

Overall Gross Winner of CWT Golf Tournament - 12 Year old Shubham Jaglan

Feb 20, 2017: Caddies Welfare Trust organized a fund raising CWT Golf Tournament on February 17, 2017 at the Delhi Golf Club, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi.

This initiative by the Trust is aimed at giving back to the Caddies, who are an integral part of any golf game.

This fund raising event by the Trust attracted sponsors and participants state-wide.

This year’s Tournament attracted almost 50 sponsors across a range of sectors, including SRF Welfare Trust, Genpact, Hero, Hughes and Max Foundation among others. An over-subscribed entry left a whopping field of 350 golfers who took part.

Caddies are the people who accompany golfers by carrying their golf sets. In India, they receive a minuscule amount of financial resources for the service provided by them. Therefore, to address the issues faced by this community, a not for profit charitable trust, the Caddies Welfare Trust (CWT) seeks to provide sustainable financial support on a direct cash and non-cash basis which would help in improving the lives of caddies and their families.

The caddies of winners presented with generous vouchers courtesy Titleist along with Mr. Siddharth Shriram, President, DGC
The caddies of winners presented with generous vouchers courtesy Titlist along with Mr. Siddharth Shriram, President, DGC

Steered by Mr. Siddharth Shriram, President, Delhi Golf Club, CWT’s Trustees are committed to help caddies achieve an acceptable standard of living by assuring bare essentials such as life & medical insurance, primary healthcare, education for their children, retirement subsidies and adequate training.

Speaking about the Tournament, Caddies Welfare Trust spokesperson, Maj. (Retd.) RS ‘Billy’ Bedi VrC said, “The Caddy Welfare Trust conducts a series of welfare initiatives throughout the year that includes providing assistance directly to the registered caddies and their families. The Delhi Golf Club has appreciated this effort by allotting one day per year for a Caddies Welfare Trust Tournament to be held as a means of raising financial resources for meeting the financial support needs for these caddies. The Government of India is recognizing the financial support to this community as a CSR activity and the Trust is registered on their website. It also has 80G exemption.”

The Caddies Welfare Trust also conducts eye and dental check-up camps with free post-examination treatment and has already covered 370 caddies of Delhi Golf Club under a group Life Insurance policy.

To further support caddies’ families, Mediclaim insurance, covering a total of 1750 individuals, has been provided along with financial support for retired caddies.

The school and college fees of every caddy’s child, enrolled in a private or government school, is reimbursed annually and education scholarships are awarded to both primary and secondary school dependents of caddies, who achieve the criteria laid down by the Trust.


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