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Business Golf: Who can dare say golf is boring

Business Golf is a great source of focus and patience. And these are most handy in a boardroom. People say golf grows you into a better executive.

Victor Dubuisson of France hits his second shot on the 18th hole during day three of the DP World Tour Championship at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Golfers often has contend with those who believe golf is boring. For there are those who play for business. Some play for bets. Some simply to network. Business golf is a great idea that should be explored by those to take to it.

It’s been lapped up by executives and promoted by their companies. By their robust defence of this game, they make for its ambassadors.


First, golf lets you spend a lot of time with the ones you choose to play. From employees to clients, golf gives you plenty of time to talk shop, share business ideas, discuss collaborations and build future relationships.

An opportunity to do many things from networking to team building or simply taking time off


Second, networking is a big pitch for this sport. It’s sociable and a great way for everyone to meet new people and make connections. These could be team work outings and management off-sites to a weekend catch up with friends and family. There’s plenty of time to talk between holes. And it’s not about the game.


Third, golf is a great leveller. You could be an intern in the company and yet play a great game of golf with your boss. The game depends on the handicap system and so people of widely differing abilities can compete against each other.


Four, unlike football or basketball which make for great team sports and are energetic, golf gives you more time to spend with people to get to know them better. This makes it a fine test of character.


Five, golf is a great source of focus and patience. And these are most handy in a boardroom. There is no exaggeration when people say golf grows you into a better executive. You learn to keep your head down, like just you need to when you tee up your shot.


Six, it restores work life balance and makes you live a wholesome life. An outdoor activity is a great accompaniment to any executive life. Opens the mind and let’s fresh air in to let you explore more. It’s a great switch off.


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