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Why Golf Courses In India Must Be Sustainable By Aakash Ohri

The use of latest technology enables accurate and precise irrigation applications and minimizes wastage

Golf Course and Sustainability

The idea is to not just create beautiful golf courses but build them on the foundation of environmental sustainability. Internationally accepted best practices must be followed during construction and also when trying to manage the running of the golf courses. The result is acres of lush green expanse which depends on recycling resources and minimum use of natural resources. We all must make effort to enhance the surrounding environment by creating an oasis that releases clean air and provides a micro eco-system conducive to enhancement of flora and fauna.

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Water Conservation and management

There is enough technology today that allows for water recycling. The non-human consumption needs – construction, irrigation, watering and filling of lakes can be “recycled” water provided by a massive STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

.Apart from this, water is used “efficiently” at the golf courses through use of latest technology which reduces consumption to minimum. Some of these practices are as follows

  • Use of hand syringing to provide accurate water distribution and minimize losses

  • Effective use of over head irrigation using automated irrigation systems which allow us to irrigate at times which will provide the best use of water and reduce losses due to wind and evaporation.

  • The use of latest technology enables accurate and precise irrigation applications and minimizes wastage

  • The ability to apply adequate amounts of water based on field measurements to maintain soil moisture and plant health and minimize water loss and misuse.

  • Correct irrigation practices promote healthy turf which require less pesticide inputs and in turn resulting in a healthier environment

  • State of the art ‘Rainbird’ irrigation system ensures more efficient water utilisation and minimises wastage.

  • For the first time in India, ‘Mini Verde’ grass is being used for greens as it uses less water.

It’s only befitting that golf course world over realise the power of conserving water and resources to ensure the debate on environmental impact of the sport could be put to rest. There are many ways to give back to society aside of the fact that courses become havens of flora and fauna. Conscious course can make for conscious societies and cut through unfounded criticism. Let’s make an effort to transform thinking, and the work flow at the clubs. One course at a time.

Aakash Ohri is the Executive Director at DLF Home Developers

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