Support women’s golf says Champika Sayal of WGAI

Two former female professional playerswho are now sports physiologists, helping train Indian amateur national golf squads.



The game of Golf has been in the country for well over a century. The Royal Calcutta Golf Club’s existence as the second oldest golf club in the world has established this. However despite an era-long history, building the game as an industry in India is at a nascent stage. The Indian Golf Union has made remarkable strides in turning the game into an organised sector, which is the first step. A great evolution is taking place ,with a growing economy, rising incomes, interest in the game is good.



The technical aspects of the game are being inculcated in players at younger ages. ‘Self discipline- maturity of handling an intellectual sport is being observed whilst young players hone their skills competitivelyboth on international and domestic tours.



The Women’s Golf Association was created for empowering young talented female golf players(over the age of 18 years) in 2005. Besides providing a platform for Professional female players to play the sport,WGAI is encouraging them to focus on acquiring additional skills that will help them.WGAI has also made special effort toward securing financial help in for the players. This will go a long way in shaping the women’s pro tour and allow them to make a living off golf or as a part of the industry.



It has been deliberated that golf being an injury prone sport, female players in particular needed an additional skill to remain robust with their game. After a long gap we have seen technical inputs, golf teachers, golf agronomist, club staff and service providers mushroom in the country.



Over the last five years along, some solid talent has come to display. India can today boast of two bright female professional players who are internationally accredited referees. Two former female professional players who are now sports physiologists, helping train Indian amateur national golf squads.


We are also able to expand the pool of teaching pros as the game picks up. Clubs in the NCR have launched programs for the “girl child.”I encourage all Golf Clubs across the country to launch similar programs so that the future augurs well for female golf players.
Champika Sayal is the Secretary General
Of the Women’s Golf Association of India