What’s In Your Bag Trishul Chinnappa?

Equipment watch for Young golfers


Trishul is an exciting young talent from the Coorg region of Karnataka. He is developing into one of the most promising professionals on the PGTI Tour.

Here are a few interesting facts about the secrets in his golf bag.

1. What is the most prized possession in your golf bag?

The food I carry is the only item in the bag with an expiry date. Very important to consume it all in time.

2. What are the must have things in the bag before you start your round?

Water, Electrolyle, Dry Fruit, Balls, Gloves, Tees and Golf Clubs.

3. Do you remember your first golf bag?

I do! It was colourful and made of plastic.

Trishul Chinnappa

4. What are the clubs that you carry in your bag?

Driver, 3 wood, Hybrid, Irons 4-9, Pitching-Gap-Sand-Lob Wedges, Putter

5. How do you mark your ball before each round?

A trident with the initials of my parents and brother around it. Helps me feel at home regardless of where I play.

6. Do you have a special bond with your bag? Any particular sentiments associated with it?

I have changed my golf bag so many times in the recent past that if i did have sentiments with each of them, i would be an emotional wreck now.

7. Can you recollect a funny anecdote about your bag, while traveling or playing?

Driving an hour to the golf course to play a round with my father only to realise i hadn’t loaded my golf bag in the car. Wasn’t funny for me though.

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