Hungry Shark – Greg Norman threatens to shake up golf

Greg Norman threatens to unleash a disruptive new plan for golf, but chooses to keep his blueprint firmly wrapped in a shroud of secrecy


December 21, 2016: Greg Norman pulled a Donald Trump on golf. The great Australian golfer met with the media in Mexico to speak of a secret plan to “shatter” the established ways of the game. The shark promised to have the media over at his Florida offices in 2017 to announce a new paradigm for the game.

“In the middle second quarter of next year, I’ll invite you guys down to my office. We will tell you exactly how we’re going to break this cast iron that’s been wrapped around golf for so long. We’re going to shatter it. The institutions (USGA, R&A, PGA of America, PGA Tour) will eventually buy into it because they will have to buy into it. They won’t have a choice,” said Norman, speaking with the media at the launch of his Greg Norman Signature Course at Vidanta Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico.

While these plans for golf are wrapped in secrecy, Norman had signed up recently with Verizon, the communications giant. The deal is a long term partnership taking them through 2024, so speculation is that Norman might be planning something spectacular with the support of his newest corporate partner.

It is also possible that Norman might be looking at tapping into the growth of the game in Asia and benefit from any opportunity to tap into a hungry mass of population eager to lap up sport in growing numbers.

Norman was at the top of the world golf rankings for 331 weeks, bettered only by Tiger Woods. He also won two major titles besides coming close to victory on several other occasions. His performances in the 1986 season helped Norman seal a lasting legacy for himself.

Ever since his departure from active golf, he has turned into a prolific designer of golf courses besides running a vast business empire with an international foot print. The golf world will wait in wonder, in anticipation of the promised move by the great Australian.

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