Gary Player on Masters 2015 bets

Gary Player on Masters 2015: His favourites this time and on Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods



The nine time Major winner and golf legend Gary Player is headed to the Masters. Just before the biggest tournament of the golf calender Player talks about his favourite players in this field and puts his bet on Rory McIlroy. He also shares his views on Tiger Woods and is worried that he may fade away sooner than later.


Q. The Masters are round the corner and our interview is just before your arrival at Augusta. What are your expectations. Who do you see among the top contenders to win the coveted green jacket?

A. None of the players are as good as Tiger Woods at his best but Rory is coming along well. He is only 25. He has won three majors. If he wins the Masters this year he would won the grand slam at 25. When I won the grand slam at 29 I said to my wife

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