Live Blog: Shubhankar Sharma out to battle for Masters survival

Shubhankar Sharma has made a steady start to his second round in the Masters. This is your place to catch all the action as we blog live from the Augusta National.

2018 Masters - Shubhankar Sharma - Round 1

Augusta, 06 April: It is Friday evening and hope your week’s work is done. Settle in nicely and stay with us on this live blog of Shubhankar’s round two. After a 77 on Thursday, the young man needs a gutsy effort today to stay the weekend at Augusta National. We will bring you all the action from the Masters, live.

Masters Tournament Shubhankar SharmaShubhankar Sharma makes the turn at Augusta National on day two with two-over-par 74, and seven-over-par 151 total.

Par-4 465 yards – Holly – Yes, another par hole. Brilliant effort by Shubhankar Sharma, closing the round with a par at the final hole.

Par-4 440 yards – Nandina – Remains at seven over as he approaches the final tee.

Par-3 170 yards – Redbud – Shubhankar tapped in for a bogey. He is 7-over and under real risk of the cut. And running out of time.

Par-5 530 yards – Firethorn – Awesome! Shubhankar shot his first birdie of the day and there is cause for hope. He got past the fourth and the last par-5 hole with a birdie. He is back to 6-over, with just three holes to play.

Par-4 440 yards – Chinese Fir – Shubhankar playing some good golf, without too much luck. He makes another par and heads away to the fifteenth tee.

Par-5 510 yards – Azalea – The third par-5 hole of the round. A brilliant second shot from the pine straw to get on the green, but the ball rolls of the slope to the left. He chooses to use the putter but leaves himself about ten feet for par. Makes it, but he needs a couple of birdies now.

Par-3 155 yards – Golden Bell – Shubhankar makes his tenth par of the round to remain hopeful. He remains at seven-over.

Par-4 505 yards – White Dogwood – Wonderful!!! Good tee shot and works the ball safely to the green. Makes par.

Par-4 495 yards – Camellia – It is do or die and Shubhankar is leaving no stone unturned. Another par though as he heads to the 11th hole.

Par-4 460 yards – Carolina Cherry – Shubhankar fails to save par, but tapped in another bogey. He is now with 7-over total, and in a real risk of missing the cut.

Par-4 570 yards – Yellow Jasmine – Shubhankar stays clear of the fairway bunker with his 281 yard tee shot lying to the bottom right of the trap. He is 295 yards from the pin. The second shot helps the Indian reach the bottom of the green. He has 45 yards to the pin and could make his first birdie of the day, if he can get up and down from there.

The pins are really tucked away in the corners today. And Shubhankar has sailed his chip past the green at the back of the flag. He leaves himself five feet to make par. He makes par and heads away to the ninth tee.

Par-4 450 yards – Pampas – Shubhankar shot his tee shot to the apron on the left of the fairway. There are five bunkers protecting this hole and Shubhankar manages to stay out, just about. He has six feet to make par and remain at six over. And he makes it to reach the second par-5 hole of the round.

Par-3 180 yards – Juniper – A good tee shot by Shubhankar, on the green, about 18 feet behind the flag. The putter has been really cold this week. Two-putt par for the Indian as he moves to the seventh hole. I am going to stay with you for another hole and step out on the course. Augusta does not allow mobiles, so we will try and keep you posted as much as we can along the way.

Par-4 455 yards – Magnolia – There are two bunkers protecting the fairway on the left and Shubhankar settled for a tee shot just short of those sand traps. His second shot left him 27 feet to navigate on the green. The third shot was close but only just. Shubhankar tapped in from two feet for another par.

Par-3 240 yards – Flowering Crab Apple – Shubhankar flew it past the green with his tee shot. The pin is back right and the Indian attacked it off the tee box. His chip caught the downslope and rolled 30 yards past the pin. The third, an effort to save par, ended agonisingly short and Shubhankar tapped in for a bogey. He is 6-over and under real risk  of the cut now.

Par-4 350 yards Flowering Peach – A terrific tee shot sailed 322 yards, reaching within 45 yards from the flag, placed on the right corner on Friday. The pin is really far back and Shubhankar’s chip rolled 7 yards past the green. The third shot took him within a foot for a tap-in par.

Pins Round 2 - Masters 2018
Pins Round 2 – Masters 2018

Par-5 575 yards Pink Dogwood – Shubhankar gets it going with a drive to 310 yards. But it was slightly right, coming to a halt inches below the fairway bunker. His second shot left him with 75 yards to the pin. Shubhankar chipped from just beyond the tall trees on the left to about 30 feet from the flag. The Indian two-putted from there to remain even through two holes.

0655pm: Par-4 445 yards Tea Olive – Shubhankar gets his round going with a drive to 300 yards. But it was slightly left, and his second ended just short of the green.

He chipped to within four feet of the green and then made the par putt.

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