A Masters bag of tricks – Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia was not the only winner today at the Masters. His bag was a full set of TaylorMade equipment including the ball

2017 Masters winner Sergio Garcia

Anand Datla

The Masters on Sunday wasn’t Sergio Garcia’s alone to celebrate. TaylorMade had it good too, with Garcia filling his bag with plenty of metal from the golf manufacturer, including a TP5 ball. The Spider Tour Red putter, a favoured stick in recent years, was also key to Garcia’s success on a day that proved to be historic. The great rescue at the 13th where Garcia needed an unplayable lie before saving par.

That moment was a turning point, giving Garcia the force and belief needed over the final stretch. At that juncture, Garcia was down two strokes on Justin Rose, but a birdie at the 14th and an eagle at the 15th helped him into a tie for the lead.

Garcia played some aggressive golf on Sunday. He was using a TaylorMade 2017 M2 (9.5°) with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80XTS shaft to drive the longest he did all week. In the first round, Garcia averaged a distance of 276 yards, 295 and 291 on the middle days, before stretching it to 305 yards in the final round.

The Woods and Irons were an important part of his artillery this week. Garcia packed his bag with the Fairway Woods – 2017 M1 (17°, 19°) with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80XTS shafts. In a week when players struggled to keep it accurate, Garcia managed to stay on the fairway 80% of the time. The Woods and Irons came in handy both off the tee and for his approach shots.


The Irons cost some real money – P750 Tour Proto (3-PW) with Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Tour 130X shafts. At $1600 a stick, those were the most expensive part of his weaponry in Augusta. They sure were worth their ticket though. Garcia clocked 75% on Greens in Regulation, making 54 of 72 during the week.

The Milled Grind (54°, 58°) with Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Tour 130X shafts were the wedges he needed to rescue himself 5 out of 6 times during the week.

The Spider Tour Red helped him greatly too. Garcia went as low as 1.56 putts per hole this week, during the second round. His final round average was 1.61, marginally better than the 1.65 number he had for the week.

Amazingly, Garcia three putted just once during the entire week. In the end, it was the three putt for Rose at the 13th, after over shooting the pin from the middle of the fairway, that might have cost Rose the title.

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