Megha Ganne is a winner without having to sink that putt

Megha Ganne is an impressive young woman from the New Jersey area. Not only is she an accomplished golfer, but she is also growing into a fine leader working closely with a bunch of young golfers with First Tee

Megha Ganne is a young golfer with great social skills - DCP Images

08 April 2019: Megha Ganne Is learning to be a leader through golf. And an annual course at the Augusta National Golf Club is on the syllabus. The incredibly persistent golfer from Holmdel in New Jersey is an Indian American with an impressive ability to rally other young children and build teams.

Ganne has a natural flair for skill tests and is known to think up practice drills that have her fellow golfers excited and happy to play golf. Even more importantly, as a part of The First Tee of Metropolitan New York, a junior development program that teaches children values through golf.

As Megha went about her golf on Sunday, there was nothing that could wipe the smile off her face. As a fourth time participant at the annual festival of junior golf on the venerable Augusta grounds, Megha has been a regular on the Sunday leading into the Masters. After all the event, a joint effort by Augusta, USGA and PGA is only six years old.

Megha’s sister Sirina also qualified to the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship in 2015. This year, as always, Megha had to survive three layers of qualification and came through the regionals at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda to become the first junior to gain a fourth entry to the junior golf event at Augusta.

Incredibly Megha is four for four on her qualifiers to the DCP event. She sat out the qualifiers in 2014 and 2016 and watching the event on Golf Channel in 2014 spurred her desire to compete at the event.

Megha has been a constant success at the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship. In her four outings so far her results have been sixth, T-2 and fourth, with the best saved for the last. She finished second yesterday after being in the driver’s seat at the end of the chipping section. She scored a perfect 10 on her chip and scored a nine with the driver.

Unfortunately for Megha, her putter let her down on Sunday. She just could not get close enough, overshooting the pin on one attempt to collect just three points. Despite that, her overall score of 22 was just one shy of the winner. Nicole Gal scored a nine with her putter to seal the victory with 23 points.