Patrick Reed counting on taste to ride into hearts

Patrick Reed has decided to put health considerations aside, putting together a happy menu that contained mac and cheese alongside some prime bone-in cowboy ribeye

2018 Masters - Patrick Reed

09 April 2019: The enigmatic American can be a sharpshooter whose piercing comments leave people stung, often even offended. Ask Jim Furyk, who endured the bulk of Patrick Reed’s frustrations at the end of a losing Ryder Cup campaign last season. But we are back in Georgia and Reed is a gentleman dressed in green with the responsibility of feeding his parish with a sumptuous feast Tuesday night.

Dinner Menu - Champions Dinner - Masters 2019
Dinner Menu – Champions Dinner – Masters 2019

The 28-year-old put together a simple menu with a singular focus. “I’ll go caesar salad, but then I was going to make multiple options, because some guys might not like steak,” Reed said. “So there will be grilled chicken, there will probably be some kind of seafood as well. I want to please everyone there. It’s not just for me, it’s for all the past champions and everybody and I want everyone to have a great time,” he said in January.

True to his word, Reed launched a menu today that promises to fatten his fellow golfers and conquer their taste buds. The defending champion admitted to having fantasised about the evening event since he was 13, so the menu was more or less ready in his mind for the better part of 15 years.

Reed chose bone-in cowboy ribeye for the main course along with two salad options and a collection of creamy side dishes.

“I’ve lost a little, but the reason why I lost a little is that tonight, I knew what kind of menu I was putting out there,” Reed said. “So I need to leave a little room to be able to fit back into (the jacket),” joked Reed with the media in his pre-tournament press conference earlier in the day.

In its simplicity, Reed reminded us of the youthful dinner that Tiger Woods put together in 1998. Just 22 at the time, Tiger served Cheeseburgers and milkshakes to his elderly Masters champions.

“It’s going to be a very fun night,” said Reed. “Honestly, I just can’t wait to go out and spend time with the past champions and hear different stories and be able to talk to the guys about, you know, how their experience was winning their first, whether it was a couple years ago, last year, whether it was a long time ago.”

On the menu:

Prime bone-in cowboy ribeye, caesar salad, wedge salad, macaroni and cheese, corn creme brûlée, creamed spinach, steamed broccoli, tiramisu, vanilla bean creme brûlée, chocolate crunch and praline cheesecake