Rachit Mankoti wins Kensville Junior Challenge

Rachit Mankoti wins 1st Kensville Junior Challenge held on 25th June 2017 Sunday at Kensville Golf & Country Club Ahmedabad.

Kensville Junior Challenge - Winners

June 25, 2017: Golfers as young as 5 years old conquered the course on a bright Sunday morning, with perfect teeing styles displayed by both boys and girls at the June 2017 chapter of Kensville Junior Challenge  Kensville Golf and Country Club’s latest offering of a year round golfing tournament series.

The competition, comprised of 2 broad categories for girls and boys, each of which were further subdivided into 6 categories, from A to F.

Category A saw Rachit Mankoti win the Final prize in the Boys category with a gross score of 83. Mohnish Shah got the runner up position with a card of 87. While Chelsea Thakkar won the first prize from Category A from the girls section with a score of 92.

From the Boys category, other winners were Vihaan Shah, Amin Shah, Daivya Patel, and Veer and from the Girls Category Mahi Potdukhe, Meher Asnani, Ridhima and Pall Shingala playing against all odds, to become winners.

Krish Patel carded a gross 81 to win the B category, he was followed by Abhiraj with a score of 83. Vihaan Shah won the C category with a score of 106, and Ansh Sadhwani carded 111 to win the runner up position.

Shan Amin won the D category with a score card of 116 and Kenil Patel won the runners up position with a card of 135. Daivya Patel won the E category and was closely followed by Neev Patel claiming the runner up position.

Six years old Veer won the F category with gross 51 , he was closely followed by Arush Shah and Jadjodh claiming the runners up position.

In the girls section Mahi Potdukhe won the B category with a card of 90.

Meher Asnani won the C category with 110. Ridhima won the D category. Six year old Pall Shingala won the E category with gross 46, and Verushka won the runners up position with gross 69.

WG Cdr A K Singh, Director General, The Indian Golf Union and Mr Sameer Sinha MD Kensville graced the occasion with their presence for the opening event and gave away prizes to the worthy winners.

The Kensville Junior Challenge series, a calendar event conceptualized by Siddhartha Naik and Brijesh Patel, has been launched with the sanction of the Indian Golf Union. The event on Sunday marked the commencement of the series and is open to all junior golf enthusiasts of Gujarat.

The tournament, which will be played every even month of the year till December 2018, will test the mettle of participants on the basis of points accumulated throughout individual chapters till December 2018 and rank every participant accordingly.

The Kensville Junior Challenge is supported by the Savvy Group, the Golfing Indian, Golf Plus and Zaverchand Sports.


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