Reflection and roasting does it for Khalin Joshi during Coronavirus Lockdown

A sharp wit and self-belief mark Khalin Joshi out among a strong pack of emerging Indian golfers. The 2018 PGTI Order of Merit winner expects to be ready to roar when the action returns

Khalin Joshi during the third round of Take Solutions Masters

10 April 2020: Khalin Joshi could be driving his way to a successful career in golf, but he is just as articulate with his jabs and punches. The young golfer based in Bengaluru has his fellow professionals in a bind with his sharp wit and an intuitive ability to draw them into a bout of laughter with his timing off the course.

“All of us are doing fine. We are grateful that we have a roof above our heads and food to eat. I live in a joint family, luckily the majority of us are here apart from my brother and sister who are in the States and Singapore respectively,” said Khalin from his residence. “Personally, it has been great. As you know we travel a lot on tour and hardly get time at home and with our family. I have been cherishing this time off.”

But the golf and his practice regimen have been the tradeoff.  “Professionally it’s not ideal to have such a long break. Golf courses and practice facilities have been closed due to the outbreak so it’s not the best situation in terms of that,” he explained.

Khalin is depending on a daily dose of yoga and meditation to keep fit and stay sharp. “My day begins with some yoga followed by some golf-specific exercises and I end it with meditation. I have a makeshift set up in my garden where I hit balls for about an hour,” added Khalin. “I also have a putting mat where I do a few drills and keep my stroke intact. I then binge-watch tv shows and movies with my family.”

The Covid19 situation has turned Khalin into some reflection. “I have come to the realisation that we very often take what we have for granted. We shouldn’t get too caught up with planning the future and live for the moment.”

Not willing to let up, despite the lockdown, he has been trying to get the most of this break, thinking through his game and using technology to continue working with his coach. “I have been using my time to assess and analyse various aspects of my game, I have also been a lot of indoor work with my coach via FaceTime. I am eagerly awaiting the tournaments to start in full swing.”

The processes of the mind have fascinated the young golfer too. “I am not an ardent reader but I am currently reading The Golfer’s Mind by Dr Bob Rotella.” And then he can relax by indulging in some trademark banter with his colleagues.

“Yes, I am in touch with my fellow professionals. Other than golf, we discuss music, movies and shows. We also share recipes to try and the photos of the outcome.”