Eleven golfing options in Basque Country

If you are a golfer, grab your favourite club and get ready to improve your par; the Basque Country will take care of the rest. Located in northern …

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If you are a golfer, grab your favourite club and get ready to improve your par; the Basque Country will take care of the rest. Located in northern Spain, this region offers you a range of first-rate options. Eleven different courses where you can have fun, improve your strokes or even learn how to play golf from scratch, all against a backdrop of sea views, or while enjoying the unique natural attractions of Green Spain.

The Basque Country in northern Spain is synonymous with culture, among other things thanks to the avant-garde Guggenheim Bilbao museum and to the San Sebastián International Film Festival, and to its natural attractions, with its peaceful beach and the lush forests of Green Spain. Two additional reasons why this region is a choice destination for golfers. Choose form the following golf courses.

Álava, golf in a mountain setting

Álava is an inland province in the Basque Country which has three large golf clubs in the mountains in a lush green setting where nature reigns supreme. The Izki Golf Club , for example, has two courses with 18 and 9 holes respectively, and is located in front of the Izki Nature Reserve. It has a sizable main course, as well as a golf school where even the youngest can learn their swings. It is set in the heart of the Rioja region in Álava and this also provides a perfect opportunity for wine enthusiasts to combine golf with the wine route in the Rioja Alavesa.

The other two clubs in Álava are the Larrabea Golf Club and the Zuia Golf Club. Both are located near two large lakes, Urrunaga and Ulibarri, and the courses are set amid forests, rivers and pastures. The first of these, the Larrabea Golf Club, is conceived as a sports centre in totally natural surroundings, and also has a swimming pool, Turkish baths, football pitches and basketball courts.

Golfers in Spain

Guipúzcoa, for old hands and newcomers

The province of Guipúzcoa has four golf courses, all of which are challenging enough to satisfy more experienced players. One of these, the Real Golf Zarauz, is somewhat unusual as it is a sandy, links-type course. It is located on the Zarautz beach and there is a beautiful view of it from the green.

In contrast, the Real Nuevo Golf Club in San Sebastián Basozabal is practically in the city of San Sebastián and is particularly demanding due to its narrow fairways and steep slopes. Nearby, only eight kilometres from the beaches of San Sebastián, is the Goiburu Golf Club, with its highly technical course. The Real Club de Golf San Sebastián has a course set in the mountains, and offers numerous additional sporting possibilities, such as paddle tennis and tennis.

Golfers in Spain
Golfers in Spain

Vizcaya: golf on the seafront, and only a stone’s throw from the city

Vizcaya has four golf clubs, all very near the capital, Bilbao. The nearest is the urban course, the Artxanda Golf Club, ten kilometres away, and with two courses of 9 and 18 holes respectively.

Vizcaya Golf
Vizcaya Golf

It is 15 minutes from the capital, and its 27 holes provide three complete courses for play. It also has numerous sports facilities. The other golf clubs in Vizcaya are two coastal courses: the Real Sociedad de Golf de Neguri, which is set on a cliff overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, and Meaztegi Golf, with two courses adaptable to each golfer’s level, and a school in which even complete novices can get acquainted with the sport.

In total, these are 11 courses with a numerous options for excellent golf, whatever your level. The cultural, gastronomic, natural and sporting attractions on offer in the Basque Country make it a great choice for an all-round golfing holiday. There is something for everyone, whether real fans of the sport, total beginners, or even for families playing together.

Canary Islands – The unique culinary flavours of the Canary Islands are the result of a temperate climate and volcanic soil.

The gastronomy of the Canary Islands is full of unique flavours. Due to rich volcanic soil, potatoes from the Islands have a different texture and are perhaps the most loved vegetable here. They continue to be cooked the way the sailors and the peasantry cooked them since the arrival of the potato in Europe. Papas arrugadas, or wrinkled potatoes, served with red mojo sauce, are a huge favourite. The palate of the islanders is also inclined towards fish, thanks to the variety of marine life found off the islands. The traditionally produced cheeses such as majorero and palmero enjoy Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. They are recognized around the world, thanks to the quality of goat milk and the traditional methods of making cheese.

There are many restaurants offering fine cuisine that capitalizes on the excellent produce found on the Islands. Lanzarote’s El Diablo cooks dishes only with heat coming from the depths of the volcanoes. In Fuerteventura, Casa Santa Maria has been repeatedly listed by the Michelin Guide as one of the best restaurants on the island. Meanwhile, Tenerife, the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, hosts many Michelin-starred restaurants and is very famous for its cuisine.

Great golf and heritage come together in Spain
Great golf and heritage come together in Spain

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