Coffee, Cricket and Hockey – Trishul Chinappa relishes a rare season in Coorg

Trishul Chinappa is reconnecting with his roots and reading books as lockdown affords him the opportunity to spend time at home

Trishul Chinnappa takes rd 1 honours at PGTI Players Championship

24 May 2020: The lockdown blues aren’t a bother to Trishul Chinappa. The 26-year-old golfer from Coorg is enjoying home comforts after spending most of his time on the road since turning professional in 2015. Summer is blossom time in the coffee estates and Trishul has been using his time on the estate to learn the nuances that make growing the beans such a fine art.

Just two top ten finishes in a career spanning nearly six years is far from justice to the enormous talent of this young man. But then sport is rarely about justice and equality. The break is perhaps a good time for Trishul to reflect and get ready for good bounce when the sport returns to competitive action in the not too distant future.

“I am excited but at the same time, I also know that it is going to take time to return to competition. I also feel lucky that this particular time was important for me as I had hurt my shoulder. So this break has given me time to recover. I am ready and raring to go again,” said Chinappa in an Instagram session with Shaili Chopra.

Trishul has also been enjoying some hockey and cricket, sports he played growing up, with his family and friends on the estate.

On golf, Trishul acknowledged the role of his team lead by Tarun Sardesai, in keeping him rooted with the sport. “I am very fortunate to have an incredible team. They have made sure I stay in touch, working through zoom calls. We have been working on our basics and sharing experiences. Some of it also is helpful to the juniors at the academy, as they can learn from my mistakes. It also helped to motivate me, as if I was speaking about it to them, I better be working at it too.”

Trishul also considers the lockdown an opportunity to focus on technique. It is a good time to work on the details and be ready for action when it comes around, he said.

But most importantly, Trishul cherishes his tryst with coffee during the downtime. “I have spent the last month learning about coffee. This is the time of the coffee blossom and it is a beautiful time to be here. The bees are here as well, so that is such a treat to watch as well in the evening.”

He has also been filling his mind with Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It has hit me hard, says a curious Chinappa. It is this curiosity that should serve him well when he returns to action sooner than later.