What’s In Your Bag Asadulla Pasha?

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Asadulla Pasha has been a passionate golfer since his young age, and won numerous golf tournaments.

Currently, he is Captain at Hyderabad Golf Club. He is one of senior members of South India Golfing Addicts Society, and the Hyderabad chapter’s trophy is named after his father Anwarulla Pasha.

Here are a few interesting facts about the secrets in his golf bag.

1.What is the most prized possession in your golf bag?

My Seven wood.

2. What are the must have things in the bag before you start your round?

Enough Balls.Asadulla Pasha

3. Do you remember your first golf bag?

I Played with my grandfather’s set which was handed down to me by my father in 1969, it had wooden club heads on the woods  and Scottish Cast Iron heads.

4. What are the clubs that you carry in your bag?

The regular Three woods and 4 to 9 Irons and the pitching and sandy. I love my five wood though.

5. How do you mark your ball before each round?

I am not particular anymore.

6. Do you have a special bond with your bag? Any particular sentiments associated with it?

No special bond but I always clean my own clubs once a week.

7. Can you recollect a funny anecdote about your bag, while traveling or playing?

Once in Cambodia my Taylormade bag got exchanged with a similar make bag and on the first Tee at the Tournament I was shocked to see different Clubs in the bag.

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