What’s In Your Bag Amardip Sinh Malik?

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Amardip Sinh Malik has been a professional on the PGTI Tour for the past eleven years. He hones his game at the Army Golf Course in Meerut.
He finished fourth at the Kolkata Classic in March this year. Here is a quick check on Amar’s bag of tricks.

Here are a few interesting facts about the secrets in his golf bag.

1. What is the most prized possession in your golf bag?

The most prized possession in my golf bag our my Star wars Head covers for my driver, 3 wood and Rescue. I am a huge Star wars nerd. i got Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and Yoda Covers.

2. What are the must have things in the bag before you start your round?

Well the must haves for me are: plenty of water, bananas, Enough titlist golf balls, my lucky coin!

Amardip Sinh Malik

3. Do you remember your first golf bag?

Yes my first golf bag was a titlist carry light bag that i bought in 2001 from Zaverchand in Mumbai

4. What are the clubs that you carry in your bag?

Callaway XR driver, Callaway Big bertha 3 wood, Tailor-made MC 2iron, 3-PW Talyormade MB irons, SM6 52 and 58 wedges, SIK Putter.

5. How do you mark your ball before each round?

I make 6 dots in line with the seam of my Titleist Pro V1X ball

6. Do you have a special bond with your bag? Any particular sentiments associated with it?

Yes i am very particular about my bag always being clean. I can’t play with a dirty Golf bag. I feel a clean looking bag Makes a clean score.Amardip Sinh Malik

7. Can you recollect a funny anecdote about your bag, while traveling or playing?

I was once travelling with my golf bag in a local train and a cop asked me if i was carrying a person in my travel bag as the height and size was perfect to carry a person in it. I couldn’t believe that was the first thing he thought when he saw a travel bag. I had to show him what i was carrying and having no clue of golf and its clubs, he was mesmerised by the items i was carrying.

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