What’s In Your Bag Shweta Galande?

Equipment watch for Young golfers


Shweta Galande is an up and coming golfer on the WGAI’s Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour. The young and enterprising golfer is a lively person on and off the course, filled with unbridled enthusiasm for the game.

Here are a few interesting facts about the secrets in his golf bag.

1. What is the most prized possession in your golf bag?

My most prized possessions are my wood head covers. I have a Husky (Shadow), a Snowman (Olaf), and a Tiger (Sher Khan)

2. What are the must have things in the bag before you start your round?

The most important thing for me as a must have, is Sunscreen, a spare glove, and lots of brand new golf balls!

3. Do you remember your first golf bag?

I think my first golf bag was an unbranded yellow bag, which became a piece of work within a month coz of reckless handling! I was just 14 and had no idea how to maintain it.

4. What are the clubs that you carry in your bag?

I carry 14 clubs. The irons are Cleveland 588Ts. My hybrids (3&4), 3 Wood, and Driver are Taylormade rocket fuels, and my putter is Odyssey. I have also have a Titleist lob wedge.

5. How do you mark your ball before each round?

My ball mark really depends on my mood. But for the most part I mark my ball with a purple dot right next to the number on either side. I like a simple mark because anything fancy could potentially distract me during my round.

6. Do you have a special bond with your bag? Any particular sentiments associated with it?

I don’t have a bond and such with my bag, but yea, I do treat it with utmost care and respect. It is important to take care of your equipment primarily coz it’s your bread and butter. I also do it as a mark of respect for the sport I have grown to love.

7. Can you recollect a funny anecdote about your bag, while traveling or playing?

Well, this was when I was in college, and my team had to leave early morning for a tournament. It was the first of the season, and we were all very excited. I was so excited, that I forgot to take my golf bag with me! I had to borrow a second hand set from the club house to play that tournament. When one of the coaches came to know what had happened, he gifted me a small plastic golf bag with little plastic clubs in it, along with a note that said,”use this just in case you forget your golf bag again”. I learnt my lesson the hard/hilarious way! Haha

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