Vani Kapoor: Nostalgia for the first bag and all else that’s there in it!

Here's a glimpse into the lives of golfers when they off tournaments

Vani Kapoor First Golf Bag

Vani Kapoor

My most prized possession is my golf bag is my Great Big Bertha Driver and my White Rossie putter. I believe in ‘drive for show and putt for the dough.’ Food and water is a must have in my golf bag. I need the energy throughout the round. And it’s extremely important to keep me going and so that I don’t make any wrong decisions on the course. Yes I have a lot of colourful tees in my bag.

My First Bag
It was a U.S kids golf bag with only a driver, 7 iron and a putter. All my clubs are Callaway clubs. I have the new Mac Daddy wedges which I recently got and I am loving them. I play with the apex irons. From P.W to 5 iron. 3 and 4 rescue and the Great Big Bertha 3 wood and driver.

Vani Kapoor Golf Bag Now

My Colours
I mark my ball with a red marker. I put dots on it. Red is my favourite colour and hence red.
I always choose a red colour bag. That’s my favourite colour. I feels red is a colour of happiness, love and just gives me so much positive energy.

Favourite Golf Bag Story
It’s not actually a funny one. My golf set got lost on the way to England once while playing the Duke of York Championship. And I had to play the practice round with a ladies club.

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