Aadil Bedi and Vasundhara Thiara win Albatross Golf Championship

Aadil Bedi and Vasundhara Thiara win the Albatross Junior School Competition

Aadil Bedi looks back at 2014 as a year that helped him grow up as a golfer

Edited by Anand Datla

August 30, 2015: The team of Aadil Bedi and Vasundhara Thiara had that experience last week when not only they put their school Vivek High School, Sector 38, Chandigarh on the India map but also made the city beautiful proud city by winning Albatross Inter School at ITC Classic Golf course at Gurgaon. Aadil shot a brilliant 145 (70 & 75) and Vasundhara shot 156 (73 & 83) over two days and beat his rivals by 3 shots, the rivals being none other but another team from Vivek High itself comprising Chinmaya Mahajan 152 and Shabeg Kooner (152). 120 players in form of 16 teams and individual from schools all over India participated in this tournament.

This was the 5th inter school tournament. On the previous three occasions, Aadil Bedi has been teaming up with different players to
win this tournament. In 2014, the team of Aadil Bedi and Adil Bir Singh had won the Honours for their school. In 2013,the team of
Aadil Bedi and Vasundhara Thiara won championship for school. 2012.

“The win was sweeter this time because this time both positions in A/B category went to our school ” said the elated four players.

The players said that found the format was interesting. A school count float 2 teams in A/B and C/D category. Team count be any combination (Boys/Boys or Boys/ Girls or Girls/ Girls). It had the flexibility that the two members could be from A/A or A/B or B/B category. Gross scores of both the players was counted for championship. Both Aadil and Vasundhara end up as runners up in B Category Boys and Girls respectively too.

Another team of First Step School Chandigarh comprising of Manjot Singh( 153) and Jujar Singh (164) also won the championship in C/D
category over Shri Ram School Gurgaon thus making a virtual clean sweep of the trophies.

In the individual Category, Jaiveer Singh Sandhu of chandigarh won in A category with score of 71, 75 (146). Hunnar Mittal another
chandigarhian, won in D girls category with the score of 84, 85 (169). Shabeg Kooner finished 2nd runner up in A category.

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