At Tiger Woods’ clinic: Karan Bindra

Instructor Karan Bindra shares what it is like being at a Tiger Clinic and why Tiger's visit to India will be a game changing moment.


Karan Bindra, the head pro at the DLF Golf Academy is a well travelled instructor and seldom leaves an opportunity to see the greats play. From visiting Leadbetter’s academy, to getting Gary Player to host a clinic at his golf academy to watching Tiger up close and personal in Dubai, training young kids – Bindra is man rich in experience. He shares what it is like being at a Tiger Clinic and why Tiger’s visit to India will be a gamechanging moment.

[Q] Tiger is coming to India, this ought to be a big deal for golf – your thoughts? [/Q]

[A] Tiger coming to India is definitely a boost needed for Indian golf. Once again, there is a lot of excitement among the golf playing community, and am sure that everyone who’s even heard of Tiger will love to see him play. [/A]



[Q] You are among the few at the Tiger Woods golf clinic – how has the experience been? [/Q]

[A] For me, it was a first time to see Tiger hit the ball ‘live’. Although I have seen many top players play, this was the one I had really missed. Well, he is unlike anyone I have seen before. The sheer ease with which he ‘sails’ the ball a mile is unbelievable. At the Clinic, you saw him interact with the audience in a very friendly way, which you don’t otherwise. He put on quite a show. He hit one shot with an 8-iron – saying that it is a high shot. Have never seen anyone hit it that high!! [/A]



Tiger Woods to play the Delhi Golf Club


[Q] Tiger Woods has been a pied piper of the game – how do you see his playing at DGC a big game changing moment for Indian golf? [/Q]


[A] Tiger is sure to generate a lot of excitement playing in India. People who don’t play will get to hear of golf in the media, as Tiger is the most recognisable face in the world of sport. We will see new people getting introduced to the game. [/A]



[Q] As a pro how important is it to keep updating yourself on technique and technologies as you seem to travel a lot on most occasion to upgrade skills? [/Q]

[A] Over the years, we have made a conscious effort to travel to world class Academies, golf Shows and Summits, and golf events. I feel it is extremely important to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of golf, so that you can make a difference at your work place. Golf teaching technology has changed at a rapid pace in the last decade, and we have been able to implement these at our Academy as well. [/A]




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