What’s in your bag Gursimar Badwal?

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Gursimar Badwal has been an impressive force to reckon with on the Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour run by the WGAI. She has produced a consistent stream of good results since the beginning of 2015.

Here are a few interesting facts about the secrets in her golf bag.

1. What is the most prized possession in your golf bag?

– My sharpies and my cap markers

2. What are the must have things in the bag before you start your round?

– Water and a packet of Parle-G biscuits

3. Do you remember your first golf bag?

Gursimar Badwal
Gursimar Badwal

– Yes it was a Dunlop, black colour. Dad bought it for me when he went to the United Kingdom

4. What are the clubs that you carry in your bag?

– Titleist driver and 3 wood , Callaway 3 and 4 rescue, Titleist 5 iron to PW, Mizuno 52, Titleist 54 , Taylormade 60 and of course a Putter

5. How do you mark your ball before each round?

– Yes before I start my putting practice

6. Do you have a special bond with your bag? Any particular sentiments associated with it?

– No I don’t think so, but I do love my golf bag. I always want to keep it clean and everything manageable.

7. Can you recollect a funny anecdote about your bag, while traveling or playing?

– Not funny actually, but my golf bag didn’t arrive when I was travelling to Ahmedabad. I had to stay at airport for one and half day. Bcoz I wasn’t sure if the airline would deliver the bag or not.

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