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Golfers in Spain
You may have heard of Mallorca but not of the Balearic Islands. Some of the most scenic islands - Ibiza, Mallorca, Minorca and
Did you know that Madrid has more licensed Golf Federation members than anywhere else in Spain, it's one of the European capitals with
US Open 2016
The last day to enter the US Open field is June 13th and that leaves some big names out. Here are some faces that might be missing
Golf Course in Costa Del Sol
What do we think when we dream of holidays? A perfect setting. The kind that has wide open beaches with warm waters, modern hotel
Golf Quotes Feature Image
Golf has a love hate relationship with its players. And that changes with every different day. A great game and one is on the top of
There are plenty of beautiful places for golf in Spain
Shaili Chopra May 08, 2016: Exploring the interior... Several of these cities are located in central Spain. In Alcalá de
Great golf and gastronomy in Spain
https://youtu.be/E0ha-GkQZKU Golf is a perfect summer story. And Europe for Indians makes for a great destination. Golfing Indian
Golf in the city: Eye on Spain's treasures
Spain's World Heritage Cities are a good alternative when it comes to planning a golfing holiday. You can enjoy your favourite sport
Real Club El Prat
"Core values I learnt from golf were perseverance. I have been fortunate to work in top financial companies and then join the
Laukariz Country Club
If you are a golfer, grab your favourite club and get ready to improve your par; the Basque Country will take care of the rest.
Jumeirah Golf Estates Redwood Park[2]
Jumeirah Golf Estates is home to two of the region’s best golf courses, with rolling green fairways seamlessly intertwined with a
Shopping in Spain
Playing golf is fun. Waiting for the smell of freshly cut grass, birdsongs, the titanium of the golf clubs, and the beauty of the
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