Arjun Prasad – Perseverance is the Key

Arjun Prasad is a young Indian professional golfer with plenty of promise. The 19 year old became the youngest Indian to own a full Asian Tour card in 2017


July 12, 2018: Arjun Prasad is a promising talent for the future of Indian golf. The 19 year old is making rapid progress, having earned three top 10s this season, including a second place finish at the Pune Open Golf Championship.

In this exclusive interview with Golfing Indian, Arjun speaks about his dreams and the work needed to accomplish them.

GI: Indian golf is in an exciting phase with plenty of opportunities for professionals to do well. What do you expect from yourself over the coming months?

Arjun -There are so many Indians who are doing exceptionally well on the International stage. Perseverance is the key for me.  I have been working hard on sharpening my game. I am looking forward to finish in the top bracket in the upcoming events, with an eye on the Asian Tour.

GI: The PGTI TOUR is an Open Tour now. What do you think can be the benefits of greater international competition?

Arjun  – Definitely it is a great initiative by PGTI to open the tour. It will invite stiff competition for Indian Golfers, which would help them gauge their own level and propel them to work harder.

GI : Based on your experience and understanding of the Asian Tour, what do you think is needed for our golfers to achieve consistent success on those stages?

Arjun – Playing on the Asian Tour last year was a great experience. What I realised last year was that skill wise almost everyone was at par. I think course management and the mindset to execute the plan is really important to do well on the tour.

GI: Are there specific areas of your game that you are working on? Who is on your team, helping you with these improvements?

Arjun – Right now I am working on my wedge game and improving skill on and around the Green. I have been working with my swing coach Mr Jesse Gherawal and my physical trainer Mr Sagar Diwan. My parents and my sister are an integral part of my team.

GI: Of the courses in India, which are the best suited for international golf?

Arjun – DLF, Classic, Jaypee, Kalhaar and KGA are among the best courses we have in our country. They are at par with any international course.

GI: Away from golf, what are your interests? And who do you hang out with when you are not playing on the course?

Arjun – I like reading books and I play snooker though I am not that good at it, but I am working on it. I have a good friend circle with whom I mostly hang around with when I get time off golf. Music is my best friend.

GI: What are your thoughts on the current state of junior golf? Have you seen some promising golfers?

Arjun – Junior Golf has tremendous potential .To give it a major fillip.we have to focus on infrastructure and opportunities.Make them compete on the best courses in India and make them participate in Junior and Amateur tournaments in Europe, US and Asia. Make a pool of 20 top Juniors and approach government or Private corporates to support them for a five year plan. Emphasis on physical fitness at junior level is very significant .Some bright future prospects are Kshitij, Adil Bedi and Shubham Jaglan.

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